YouTrack InCloud 2019.1 Help

Switching Subscription Type

Starting from November 2018, YouTrack offers subscriptions that use a per-user pricing model. Previously, commercial subscriptions only let you pre-pay for a fixed number of users.

With this subscription model, we also offer a new free plan for up to three users that includes support for private projects. The old free plan supported up to 10 users, but all of your projects were public.

If your YouTrack InCloud instance was registered prior to the introduction of this pricing model, you have the option to switch to the new model. You have no obligation to switch. We continue to support the current plans for existing customers. If you're happy with your current subscription or want to continue using the 10-user free plan with public projects, you can stick with your current license. You can extend your subscription for your current plan as long as you wish.

The following changes are not supported:

  • You can't switch your current plan to another old plan. If you want to switch to a license that supports a different number of users, you need to migrate to the new per-user pricing model.

  • If you switch your license to the new model, you can't switch back to your old plan. The old plans are not available for newly registered instances and are no longer offered as an option for upgrades.

You can manage subscriptions for active instances on the Licenses page in your JetBrains Account.

Switching to a New Commercial Subscription

For YouTrack InCloud instances that use a commercial license, you can switch to the new pricing model at any time. The unused amount that you have pre-paid for your current subscription is subtracted from the price for the new subscription plan.

There is a restriction that applies if you want to switch your annual subscription (old or new) to a monthly billing cycle. If you have a commercial license that is billed annually and want to switch to monthly billing, you need to wait for your current subscription to expire. We don't have a mechanism in place that stores credit for unused prepayments over multiple billing cycles. We added this restriction to make sure that you don't lose what you've already paid for.

If you're currently using the free plan or trial subscription, you can also switch to the per-user model whenever you like.

You can access options for upgrading your current subscription directly on the Global Settings page of your YouTrack InCloud instance.

upgrade subscription

When you click the Upgrade your subscription button, you are authorized in the JetBrains eStore go directly to the page that shows possible upgrade options for your instance.

Switching to the New Free Plan

For YouTrack InCloud instances that use the free plan for 10 users, you can switch to the new free plan. The new free plan supports fewer users (up to three) but allows you to make your projects and issues private.

This option is also available for commercial and trial subscriptions (old or new).

If your instance has more than three active users when you process the transaction, all of the users except for the default administrator account, the guest account, and one random user are banned. If you want to work with private projects, you can ban the guest user account and reactivate an account for a third user. For more information, see Manage the Guest User Account.

You can switch to the new free plan directly on the Global Settings page of your YouTrack InCloud instance.

Switching to a Trial Subscription

If you register with the free plan and would like to see how YouTrack scales for larger organizations, you have the option to switch to the free trial from your YouTrack settings. The free trial is limited to 14 days, lets you add up to 100 users, and gives you up to 10 GB of disk space. No credit card is required.

You can switch back to the free plan or start a commercial subscription at any time during your trial or within one month after the trial expires.

You can switch from the free plan to the trial subscription directly on the Global Settings page of your YouTrack InCloud instance.

Upgrading an Existing Subscription

Available upgrade options for your current subscription are shown in the License Details section of the Global Settings page. These let you switch your billing cycle between the monthly and annual subscription and add users to your license.

If you have a paid subscription, you can can switch to the free plan without leaving YouTrack.

Last modified: 8 July 2019