YouTrack InCloud 2020.6 Help



REST API methods for import differ from common methods for issue creation and update. Import supports

  • Bulk changes. Several issues can be posted at once.

  • All issue fields setup. Import methods allow setting of issue create/update time, issue reporter and updater, issue number in project.

  • Notifications turn off. If issue is created through import method its assignee won't get additional notification.

Import project process

  1. Import Users. Do not put huge number of users at once. Use portions of reasonable size, for example, one hundred of users per request.

  2. Set up project for import:
    1. Create project.

    2. Add proper values to States, Priority, Types, etc. default fields.

  3. Configure custom fields:
    1. For specific custom fields, create custom field prototypes.

    2. Define custom fields for the project.

    3. For enumeration custom fields all bundles and enumeration values should be defined too.

  4. Import Issues.
    1. Assignees are auto-imported.

  5. Links:
    1. If there are links between issues set up issue link types.

    2. Import issue links.

  6. Upload attachments for imported issues.

Last modified: 1 February 2021