YouTrack InCloud 7.0 Help

Browser Support

As a cloud-based application, YouTrack InCloud runs in a standard web browser. YouTrack InCloud is tested and supported in the following web browsers.

Internet Explorer/help/img/youtrack/7.0/checkbox-marked.png 10.0+
Mozilla Firefox/help/img/youtrack/7.0/checkbox-marked.png 3.6+
Safari/help/img/youtrack/7.0/checkbox-marked.png Safari 4+
Opera/help/img/youtrack/7.0/checkbox-marked.png Opera 12 +
Google Chrome/help/img/youtrack/7.0/checkbox-marked.png Chrome 4.0+ for Windows and Linux
/help/img/youtrack/7.0/checkbox-marked.png Chrome 10+ for OS X
Last modified: 2 February 2017