YouTrack InCloud 7.0 Help

Hub Integration

YouTrack comes with the built-in JetBrains Hub service as its integral part that provides authentication, authorization, and access management. Hub service cannot be removed or disabled.

The Hub integration is enabled by default. The Administration > Hub Integration page lets you troubleshoot and monitor the status of the integration.

If you suspect that integration with the Hub service does not work as intended, please refer to the  Troubleshooting for Hub Integration page.

Built-in Hub

Built-in Hub is the default option. It comes bundled in the same installation package as YouTrack itself.

During the installation and initial configuration of YouTrack, if you are not sure which option to choose, pick up the built-in Hub. You can migrate your data to an external Hub instance later.

Built-in Hub features:

  • No additional configuration required: Built-in Hub is seamlessly bundled and integrated with YouTrack in a single installer package
  • Simplified maintenance: joint backups and updates, no version compatibility issues
  • Improved usability: UI pages for both YouTrack and Hub share the same navigation and UX
  • Lower resource consumption: CPU, RAM, hard disk space

External Hub

You can opt to use an external Hub service to manage users and access for your YouTrack service.

This option is not available for YouTrack InCloud.

An external Hub service lets you manage the user base for all connected applications and services in one place and allows single sign-on in JetBrains web-based team tools.

Integration with an external Hub enables the following features in YouTrack:

  • Integration with JetBrains Upsource
  • Enhanced Project Wizard to support rich project model: Issue Tracker + Code Browser, Issue Tracker + VCS, etc.
  • New dashboard widgets
  • Hierarchical user groups
  • Ability to add Custom services to Hub to build integration with your favorite tools
  • Better scalability

Download standalone Hub installer from our website.

Deployment options

YouTrack Distribution Type Built-in Hub External Hub
MSI checkbox-marked checkbox-marked
ZIP checkbox-marked checkbox-marked
JAR checkbox-marked
YouTrack InCloud checkbox-marked
Bitnami YouTrack checkbox-marked

Legendcheckbox-marked = Supported

Last modified: 29 September 2016