YouTrack InCloud 7.0 Help

Migrate from Standalone to InCloud

When you decide to move from YouTrack Standalone server to YouTrack InCloud and migrate your data to your hosted server, in general, there are two use cases:

  • You want to move your whole current data from standalone server to your YouTrack InCloud instance; that is: Replace the current database of YouTrack InCloud with the database from your YouTrack Standalone server.
  • You want to add issues from standalone YouTrack to hosted instance while preserving current data on YouTrack InCloud.

Move Data from YouTrack Standalone to YouTrack InCloud

If you do not have direct access to the system database files of a hosted instance, and JetBrains provides all the technical maintenance of YouTrack InCloud, provide us with a backup of your stand-alone database and the name of your InCloud instance so we can replace the database for you.

To prepare for the migration:

  1. If you do not have a registered instance of YouTrack InCloud, then before moving your data you have to sign up for YouTrack InCloud.
  2. Make sure that your InCloud instance has an active subscription: trial, free 10-user plan or one of the commercial plans. Your plan parameters should match your stand-alone DB parameters, i.e. the number of users, DB size < storage limit. Check your plan parameters here.
  3. Create a backup of your stand-alone database:
    • Open Administration > Database Backup page.
    • Click the Backup database now link.
    • Download the created backup file. Filename format is: <date and time of update>.tar.gz.
  4.  Send us the backup with the name (URL) of your YouTrack InCloud instance.

Add Data from YouTrack Standalone to YouTrack InCloud

In the case of migrating data from your standalone server, while preserving existing data on your YouTrack InCloud instance, you should use YouTrack REST API to import data from one YouTrack server to another.

We provide the Python Client Library, which uses existing REST API, with a ready-to-use script for migrating issues from one YouTrack server to another. Please refer to the detailed description of the script for more information.

Last modified: 29 September 2016