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Prioritize the Backlog

In YouTrack 7.0, the backlog became a full-functioning hierarchical issue list with a tree. You can reorder your backlog right from the board.

To prioritize the backlog on the board:

  1. To open and view the backlog, click the /help/img/youtrack/7.0/icon-tray.png button.
  2. Grab a card in the backlog by the three-dots icon the top-left corner of the card, and drag it to the place that you need.
    You not only can reorder issues in the backlog vertically, but also drag them horizontally placing them as subtasks of another card in the backlog.
  3. Repeat for each card in the backlog that you need to re-order. That's it!

You can also prioritize the backlog saved search as an issue list.

To prioritize the backlog as an issue list

  1. Open the board's backlog in YouTrack as a list of issues:
    • On the board, open the backlog in the sidebar (click the /help/img/youtrack/7.0/icon-tray.png button) and click the Show on issue list link.
    • Click the Issues link in the main menu to open the Issues list. Then, click the name of the backlog in the Search Context drop-down next to the search box.

      Please note that the backlog's saved search is available in the Search Context drop-down list only if it is a pinned saved search. For more details, please refer to the Search Context page.

  2. Manually sort the list of issues in the backlog by dragging them around in the list and placing them in the order you need.

When done, backlog items appear in the Backlog side bar in order that you have specified.

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Last modified: 2 February 2017