YouTrack InCloud 7.0 Help

PyCharm Integration

All procedures are performed within IDE, no additional configuration required on the YouTrack side.

Using Work Context

To use YouTrack integration for defining work context:

  1. Enable Task Management options in IDE, if they are not yet enabled.
  2. Open your project
  3. Open Tools > Tasks & Contexts menu. Select Open Task.
  4. In the Open Task dialog window, click the Configure link to open Servers dialog.
  5. Click "+" button and select "YouTrack" in the appeared drop-down list.
  6. Type in your YouTrack server's parameters: URL and your login credentials.
  7. Click Test link to check connection to the server.
  8. If needed, click Commit Message to edit the default comment that should be added to commits.
  9. If everything good and connection test was successful, save configuration.
  10. Back in the Open Task dialog, start typing issueID for the issue you are working on. If your configuration was correct, then the context search should be active while you're typing as well as completion.

When you select an issue as the Task, the context you're working in, then a new change list with the issue ID and summary as the name is automatically created.


While you are working within this task, context, all changes you've made are gathered in this auto-created change list.

Using Issue ID Patterns

Another function of the IDE-YouTrack integration, is the ability to specify issueID patterns in Settings, that should be recognised and transformed into direct links to issues in the tracker. Thus, specifying an issueID wherever in the IDE (change list, commit comment etc.) you will see the direct link to this issue in your tracker.
Please note that this option is configured on per-project basis — for each of your projects you should configure new set of patterns to be recognised.

To enable recognition of YouTrack issue IDs:

  1. Open your project, then open IDE Settings window
  2. Open Version control > Issue Navigation settings
  3. Below the list of patterns, click the plus button with YouTrack icon.
  4. In the appeared dialog, type in your YouTrack server URL.
    That's it. the pattern will be added automatically to the list.

When pattern recognition is configured, then issue IDs will look as follows in your IDE:


Last modified: 29 September 2016