YouTrack InCloud 7.0 Help

New Instances

To obtain a personal YouTrack InCloud instance, all you need to do is fill in the registration form. All of the fields are mandatory.

Keep in mind the following key points when you set up your server and email address:

  • Site Name — be sure to enter the site name that you want to use for your InCloud instance. You can only change the site name later through YouTrack support or by creating a new instance.
  • Email — be sure to enter a valid email address. Otherwise, you won't be able to confirm the creation of the hosted instance.

As soon as you submit the registration data, we send you a confirmation email to the address you specified in the registration form. To confirm the creation of the YouTrack InCloud instance, click the confirmation link in the email.
A new YouTrack instance with the requested URL is created. You are automatically logged in as the root user to this instance.

The instance opens to the Projects page where you can create your first project and manage access to YouTrack. If you want to start using YouTrack, read the Project Admins - Quick Start Guide and create your first project.

Last modified: 2 February 2017