YouTrack InCloud 2021.3 Help

Issue Distribution Reports

Issue distribution reports show the total number of issues in one or more projects.

The following reports are available.

Issues per AssigneeSee the distribution of issues for assignees in one or more projects. Use this report to measure the relative workload of each assignee.
Issues per ProjectSee the distribution of issues in multiple projects. Use this report to measure the amount of work that is distributed between different projects.
Issues per Arbitrary FieldSee the total number of issues that are assigned specific values in a custom field. Use this report to view the distribution of issues that you have categorized in a specific way.
Issues per Two FieldsSee the distribution of issues based on the values that are assigned in two different custom fields. Replaces the Matrix Report. Use this report to compare issues with different states and priorities.
Advanced Issues per ProjectSee the total number of new and resolved issues for one or more projects in a specified time frame. Use this report to track how effectively you are at keeping up with the number of new issues that are created in your projects.
Last modified: 08 March 2021