YouTrack InCloud 2021.4 Help


The Groups page in YouTrack displays a list of groups.

Groups list

A group is a collection of user accounts. Groups let you manage multiple accounts more efficiently. A group in YouTrack is used as a resource in a project. You can grant and restrict access to specific features in YouTrack for all group members at once.

The following operations are available on this page:

Select a group in the list to display additional information. The Details sidebar displays all of the roles that are assigned to the group and the project in which this role is applied.

Click the name of a group in the list to open the profile page for the selected group. On the profile page for the group, you can perform the following operations:


The Groups page also contains a list of all the project teams in YouTrack. As you have exactly one project team for every YouTrack project, this is basically an overview that shows you how many members are assigned to each project team and which roles are assigned to the team in each project.

Teams tab groups page

The following actions are available in this view:

  • Select a project team in the list to display additional information in the Details sidebar.

  • Click the name of a project team to open the Team tab on the Edit Project page. From here, you can add members to and remove members from the project team. For more information, see Manage the Project Team.

Groups and Teams

On the Groups and Teams tab, you have access to a mixed mode that shows both groups and project teams in a single list. In this view, project teams are marked with a team badge.

Groups and teams tab

The information in this view helps you identify groups that duplicate the memberships and role assignments that are available to users as members of a project team. If you find a group that can be safely merged into a project team without affecting access rights in other projects, you can merge it into a project team from the Groups tab. For more information, see Merge a Group into a Project Team.

Last modified: 04 November 2021