YouTrack InCloud 2020.4 Help

Storage Limits

Each YouTrack InCloud instance has a set storage limit of 3 GB for each active registered user.

  • Images and attachments are stored on the server and count toward the storage limit.

  • Backup copies of your YouTrack database do not count toward the storage limit.

If you exceed the amount of storage that is allocated per user, you are billed for overuse charges. Each additional gigabyte of storage costs the same as a single license for an additional user.

Both the free plan and the 14-day trial are restricted to 30 GB of storage space.

Storage Limits for Old Plans

Instances that were registered before November 8, 2018, that have not been converted to the per-user pricing model have set storage limits. These instances are subject to the following storage limits:

Old Plan

Storage Limit


10 GB


5 GB

15 users

10 GB

25 users

15 GB

50 users

20 GB

100 users

25 GB

500 users

50 GB

2,000 users

100 GB

Last modified: 28 October 2020