YouTrack InCloud 2021.1 Help

Troubleshooting the Hub Integration

This page describes the most frequently encountered problems with the Hub integration and the steps you can take to resolve them.

Connectivity Issues

The most obvious indication that there is a problem with your Hub integration is when users are unable to log in. To determine whether YouTrack can establish a connection to the Hub service, check the login form.

  • If the connection to Hub is active, the Hub login form is displayed.

  • If the connection is broken, the native YouTrack login form is displayed.

Hub login form, connection is OKNative login form, no connection to Hub
Hub login form
Youtrack login form

The Connection to Hub metric on the Hub Integration page displays the current connection status. If any of the following status messages are shown, there is a problem with YouTrack that requires the attention of the support team. To resolve any of these issues, submit a support request.

  • Empty Hub URL

  • Malformed Hub URL

  • Wrong Hub URL

  • YouTrack is not registered in Hub

  • YouTrack is registered in Hub but its service ID and secret do not match

If any of the following conditions are present, follow the instructions provided to investigate and resolve the problem.

ConditionYouTrack cannot establish a connection to the Hub service. The Connection to Hub status reads Can't connect to Hub or Connection to Hub timed out. When you attempt to log in, you see the message Permission management service (Hub) is unavailable..
CauseThe Hub service has shut down or is unresponsive.
SolutionVerify the condition by accessing the built-in Hub service. Click the Hub URL on the Hub Integration page. You can also access the Hub service directly in your web browser. Enter the hostname of your YouTrack instance, followed by /hub. For example, https://youryoutrackhostname/hub.

If you are unable to establish a connection, submit a support request.

ConditionYouTrack isn't trusted in Hub.
CauseIn most cases, a user has accessed the list of services that are connected to Hub and has distrusted YouTrack.
SolutionAccess the Services page in Hub and trust the YouTrack service.
  • For a built-in Hub service:
    1. Click the Hub URL to access the Hub service directly.

    2. In the Server Settings section of the Administration menu, select Services.

    3. Select the YouTrack service on the Services page.

    4. Click the Trust button.

  • For an external Hub service:
    1. Open the Services menu in the toolbar and select Hub.

    2. In the Server Settings section of the Administration menu, select Services.

    3. Select the YouTrack service on the Services page.

    4. Click the Trust button.

Hub Event Sync Issues

Under normal conditions, the Hub event sync status is Active, syncing everything. If the status displays Initialization error or Incompatible Hub server detected, submit a support request.

Permission Management Issues

Under normal conditions, the Permission management status is Hub permission management. If the status displays YouTrack permission management, submit a support request.

Broken Data Mappings

Data mapping is a virtual connection between objects that are stored in the YouTrack and Hub databases. For example, each user has two user profiles. For application features to work properly, these profiles must be linked.

Diagnostic routines check all mappings for consistency and offers quick fixes for any problems they encounter.

ConditionUsers report problems with access in one or more projects.
CauseThere are users who have been added to or removed from groups or other changes that were applied in YouTrack that are not mapped to the Hub database.
  1. Click the Run diagnostics button.

  2. Check the Integration Log at the bottom of the page for errors.

  3. If applicable, apply the quick fixes that are suggested in the Integration Log.

Last modified: 08 March 2021