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JetBrains Account Auth Module

The JetBrains Account authentication module lets users who have registered for a product or service from JetBrains log into YouTrack InCloud and connected services with their JetBrains Account credentials.

Jetbrains account auth module

Enable JetBrains Account Authentication

To let users with existing JetBrains accounts log in to Hub, enable the JetBrains Account authentication module.

To enable the JetBrains Account auth module:

  1. From the Access Management section of the Administration menu, select Auth Modules.

  2. From the New module drop-down list, select JetBrains Account.

    • The JetBrains Account auth module is added to YouTrack InCloud.

    • The auth module is enabled and ready for use.

  3. After the module is enabled:

    • Configure the optional settings, for example, to enable registration or add users to groups when they register a new account. For more information, see Settings.

    • Click the Test login button to test the connection. Enter the login and password for an existing JetBrains Account in the dialog.


The settings are configured automatically when you add the auth module to YouTrack InCloud.




Displays the type of service that is enabled for authentication in YouTrack InCloud.


Stores the name of the authentication module. Use this setting to distinguish this module from other authentication modules in the Auth Modules list.

Server URL

Stores the server address for the JetBrains Account service, which is

Change password URI

Stores the redirect URI that handles requests to change or restore passwords for JetBrains accounts, which is change-password.

SSL key store

Select an uploaded SSL key store to encrypt the connection between YouTrack InCloud and the directory service. For more information about managing key stores in YouTrack InCloud, see SSL Keys. Also, see the Set Up SSL Keys for SAML 2.0 page. You can follow the procedure to create a key store and use it here.


Enables the creation of accounts for users who register themselves in YouTrack InCloud. If you disable this option, only users with existing YouTrack InCloud accounts are able to log in.

User creation

Enables creation of YouTrack InCloud accounts for unregistered users who log in with their JetBrains Account. YouTrack InCloud uses the email address to determine whether the user has an existing account.

Auto-join Groups

Automatically adds new users to groups when they register themselves in YouTrack InCloud. You can select one or more groups. New users that auto-join a group inherit all of the permissions that are assigned to this group.

We recommend that you add users to at least one group. Otherwise, new users are only granted the permissions that are currently assigned to the All Users group. Do not use this option to add users to groups that grant unnecessary access to sensitive data.

Connection timeout

Sets the period of time to wait to establish a connection to the authorization service. The default setting is 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).

Read timeout

Sets the period of time to wait to read and retrieve user profile data from the authorization service. The default setting is 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).


Links to the Audit Events page in YouTrack InCloud. There, you can view a list of changes that were applied to this authentication module.

Last modified: 8 September 2020