YouTrack InCloud 2021.1 Help

Text Formatting Options

YouTrack supports two modes for formatting text in issue descriptions and comments.


The first is a WYSIWYG framework, which means that "What You See Is What You Get". In this mode, you can format the text in such a way that it closely resembles how the content should appear when saved.

In this mode, you enter the content in the editor and use the controls in the toolbar to stylize the text.

WYSIWYG mode for editing issue description text.

Markdown Mode

The second mode that is supported for styling issue content is Markdown. Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is used to apply formatting to plain text. To learn how to format text using Markdown in YouTrack, see Markdown Syntax.

Markdown mode for editing issue description text.

In Markdown mode, you always see the content written in plain text. However, the options that can be used to format text in WYSIWIG mode are still available. When you click a formatting button in the toolbar, the corresponding Markdown characters are inserted at the current cursor position.

If you're not familiar with Markdown syntax, it may be hard to predict what your text will look like when saved. For a quick preview that shows you what the content will look like when saved, you can switch to WYSIWYG whenever you want. You can continue to edit the content in either mode according to your personal preference.

Last modified: 08 March 2021