YouTrack InCloud 2021.4 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of the changes that are available in this version.

New Features



Workflow Constructor

Automating activity in YouTrack just got a whole lot easier with our new drag-and-drop Workflow Constructor. Tailor YouTrack to mirror your business processes without writing a single line of code.

Remote Debugger

The YouTrack Integration Plugin for JetBrains IDEs has been extended to support debug configurations for YouTrack workflows. This means you can set breakpoints for scripts in your local environment and debug the workflow that are running on your server.

Import from Zendesk

Migrate tickets from Zendesk and manage your customer support requests in YouTrack.

Import from

Migrate your task management activity from Monday to YouTrack using a predefined import script.

Internal Navigation for Knowledge Base Articles

You can now browse article content using headings for navigation in an internal table of contents. An option in the toolbar lets you hide the navigation when you want to focus on the text.

Embedded Google Calendars and Figma Designs

Enrich your issues and articles by embedding calendars from Google and designs from Figma. These embedded blocks support interactive elements that let users explore the content without leaving the page.

Updates and Enhancements



Mailbox Improvements

We've added a preconfigured connection for a default mailbox to all YouTrack InCloud instances. If you've ever considered using YouTrack to process customer feedback or support requests, you can set up a new mailbox integration in seconds without having to manage and support your own mail service.

In addition, all mailbox integrations now support the option to add delimiter text to all outgoing email messages. This encourages the recipient to enter their reply above a specific line in the message, which ensures that it is handled properly by the integration.

Totals by Link Type in Reports

New options let you create reports that show how many issues are linked to other issues with specific types of links.

This feature is available for the Issues per Two Fields (a.k.a. Matrix) and Issues per Arbitrary Field reports.

Links to VCS Changes from Branch Names

In projects that are integrated with a version control system, YouTrack now detects references to issues in branch names in commits and pull requests. As a result, teams that use a branch-per-ticket development process no longer have to explicitly mention issue IDs in their commit messages.

Access Management

Migrate and manage user accounts using a preconfigured authentication module for Okta, Keycloak, or the JetBrains Account service. In addition, we’ve added mapping options to all OAuth 2.0 modules that help you keep your user accounts in sync.

Mobile App Updates

The latest version of our mobile app for iOS and Android lets you view VCS changes in the issue activity stream and attach files directly to issue comments.

Last modified: 29 October 2021