YouTrack InCloud 2018.2 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of changes that are available in YouTrack 2018.2.

New Features

Separate Notifications for Time Tracking EventsWe split notification events for spent time into its own category. This lets you disable notifications for time tracking events without unsubscribing from notifications for other important changes.2018.2.42881
YouTrack App for SlackLink your YouTrack InCloud instance to your Slack workspace and get the most out of both applications. Get issue update notifications, link previews, and copy messages to issue drafts.2018.2.42337
New Projects PageWe’ve fully redesigned the Projects page to give you a more convenient way to view the projects that you’re interested in. Mark projects as favorites and jump straight to the project settings.2018.2
SAML AuthenticationThis authentication module lets you configure YouTrack as a SAML service provider. This lets users log in to YouTrack with credentials from a third-party SAML identity provider.2018.2
Throttling by LoginThe IP-based throttling feature has been replaced with the option to apply rate limits to failed login attempts per login. When used together with a reCAPTCHA challenge, this feature protects your installation from brute-force attacks without blocking users who have simply forgotten their passwords.2018.2
Personal Data ManagementWe’ve added new options that help you comply with requests from users who want to access or erase their personal data. For more information, see Download User Data and Anonymize User Data.2018.2

Updates and Enhancements

Flat List View for Backlog IssuesA new option in the backlog for an agile board lets you switch between a tree view and a flat list of issues. When you view the backlog as a flat list, you can prioritize issues from different levels in the hierarchical list.2018.2
Explicit Sorting for Cards on Agile BoardsWhen you enter a sort order in the query settings or filter for an agile board, the cards are sorted by the specified attribute automatically.2018.2
Value-based and Start Date Constraints for Gantt ChartsNew options for Gantt Chart reports let you add two new constraints that are based on the values in custom fields. This lets you apply constraints based on the number of assignees in your project and a field that stores a start date.2018.2
New Sort Options for Sets of Values in Custom FieldsFor most custom field types, you now have the option to sort values by secondary properties. In addition to sorting values automatically by name, you can sort builds by version or assemble date and versions by version or release date.2018.2
Attaching Files to CommentsInstead of attaching all files to an issue, you can attach files directly to comments. This feature helps teams that work with documents or design prototypes locate the latest versions faster.2018.2
"Looks like" SearchWe have extended the search query language to include a search term that returns issues that are similar to a specified issue. This lets you find similar issues in the search overlay in the redesigned view for single issues.2018.2
Option to Mute Update Notifications for On-schedule Rules in WorkflowsA new parameter for on-schedule rules lets you update issues in the background on a set schedule without sending notifications for issue updates.2018.2
New Search Keywords for Released and Archived VersionsWhen you search for issues by fix version or affected version, you can now use keywords that return versions that are released or archived.2018.2
Workflow-free Option to Require Input for Custom FieldsYou can now configure custom fields to require a selection without using an empty value or writing a workflow.2018.2
Groups and TeamsNew views on the Groups page show you a list of project teams and a mixed mode that shows both groups and teams. We also added an action on this page that lets you merge a group into a team. Use this operation to eliminate group assignments that duplicate permissions that are granted to a project team.2018.2
Cloning RolesCreate a role that is similar but not identical to an existing role with just a few clicks. Use this action to create a new role with a set of permissions that is identical to an existing role, then add or remove permissions as desired.2018.2
Common Settings for Auth ModulesAll authentication-related settings have moved from the Global Settings page to a new Common Settings page for all authentication modules. This page also contains configuration options for the new login-based throttling feature and the input fields for connecting to Google reCAPTCHA.

The page also includes new settings that let you configure the Session Timeout and Read Me Duration that are applied to all logins.
Attribute Configuration for SAML Service ProvidersWhen using YouTrack as a SAML identity provider, you now have the option to specify the names of the attributes for user login, full name, and email address that are passed to the SAML service provider.2018.2

Experimental Features

Redesigned Issue Creation PageThe Create Issue page gets a facelift with the same polish and presentation that we delivered with the redesigned view for single issues.2018.2

Discontinued Features

FeatureDescriptionRemoved in Version
Throttling by IP AddressThe option to apply rate limits to failed authentication requests based on IP address has been removed from the Hub auth module. In the 2018.2 release, this feature is replaced with the option to apply rate limits per login across all authentication modules. For more information, see Throttling by Login Settings.2018.2
Last modified: 10 July 2018