YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

YouTrack Permissions

permission is an authorization granted to a user to perform particular operations. Permissions are granted to a user within a role, but not directly.

role is a set of permissions which defines the level of access for a user to particular functionality and operations.

All permissions are divided into two categories:

  • Global permissions are granted within YouTrack's global scope and do not depend on a specific project. When we say 'granted within YouTrack' we mean that permission does not make sense being granted for a particular project. For example, you cannot allow someone to create users in a single project, you can do it only in the system-wide scope. Global permissions are marked with the globe icon (/help/img/youtrack/2017.1/iconGlobe.png) in the list of permissions.
  • Per-project permissions are granted for a specific project. Read Project or Read User Group are examples of such permissions.

Even though we say that 'permissions are granted' globally or per-project, keep in mind that permissions are granted only as a part of a role and never directly as an individual permission. The following permissions are grouped by the entity that they provide access to in YouTrack.


Create IssueCreate a new issue.
Delete IssueDelete issues.
Link IssuesSet relationships between issues.
Read IssueView issues (public fields only).
Read Issue Private FieldsView private fields of an issue.
Update IssueUpdate the public fields of an issue.
Update Issue Private FieldsUpdate private fields of an issue.
Update WatchersSet another user as a watcher for an issue.
View VotersView the list of users who have voted for an issue (available in full issue view).
View WatchersView the list of users who are watching an issue (available in full issue view).


Add AttachmentAttach files or screenshots to issues.
Delete AttachmentDelete files attached to issues.
Update AttachmentModify files attached to issue and modify attachment visibility.


Create CommentAdd a comment to an issue.
Delete CommentDelete own comments.
Delete Not Own and Permanent Comment DeleteDelete comments posted by other users.
Read CommentView issues comments.
Update CommentEdit own comments.
Update Not Own CommentEdit comments posted by other users.


Read Work ItemView the list of work items in an issue.
Update Not Own Work ItemEdit work items created by other users.
Update Work ItemAdd and edit work items to an issue.


Delete UserDelete User accounts in YouTrack.


Read Not Own ProfileView profile of any user.
Update Not Own ProfileEdit the profile of any user. Allows editing and deleting any tag and saved search on the profile page of a user.


Create Tag, Saved Search or ReportCreate a tag, saved search or report.
Delete Tag or Saved SearchDelete own tag or saved search.
Edit Tag or Saved SearchEdit own tag or saved search. Allows editing shared tag or saved search if user belongs to shared group.
Share Tag or Saved SearchShare own tag or saved search with other users.
Last modified: 18 April 2017