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Zendesk Integration

The Zendesk integration lets you share Zendesk tickets with issues in YouTrack. When the integration is enabled and configured, shared Zendesk tickets and the issues that are created from them in YouTrack are synced automatically. Custom fields are synchronized in one direction, from Zendesk to YouTrack. Changes to custom fields in the YouTrack issue are not applied to the shared ticket in Zendesk. Tags and comments are synchronized both ways.

Enable and Configure Zendesk Integration

To enable and configure the Zendesk integration, follow these steps:

  • Send YouTrack an invite to share tickets from your Zendesk instance.

  • Accept the sharing invite in YouTrack and configure the integration settings in YouTrack.

To send YouTrack an invite to share tickets:

  1. In your Zendesk instance, open the Settings > Tickets > Tickets Sharing administration page.

  2. Click add sharing invite.

  3. In the Share tickets with dialog, select a third-party system.

    Zendesk invite step2
  4. In the Sharing tickets with third-party system form, enter values for the following settings:

    Zd invite step3



    Sharing URL

    Enter the URL of your YouTrack server in the following format: https://<YouTrack base URL>/api/networkedhelpdesk

    You can locate and copy the Sharing URL on the Administration > Zendesk Integration page in YouTrack.


    Enter a name for the sharing agreement.

  5. Use the remaining settings to determine which information is synchronized between Zendesk and YouTrack.



    Comment and status permissions

    This option defines the terms of the sharing agreement. The following options are available:

    • Make public & private comments, sync status — comments posted in shared tickets are sent directly to the requester. Users in YouTrack are able to update the status in the linked ticket (for example, setting it to Solved).

    • Make private comments, do not sync status — limits users who are working with linked tickets in YouTrack to providing information needed to resolve the support request. Comments posted in the linked YouTrack issue are synced as private comments in Zendesk. The status of the support request can only be updated in Zendesk.

    Tag synchronization

    Determines whether tags applied to Zendesk tickets are copied to linked issues in YouTrack.

    Allow the syncing of custom fields

    Determines whether the values stored for custom fields in Zendesk tickets are synchronized with issues that are created in YouTrack. In order for this feature to work properly, the fields in Zendesk and YouTrack must have the same name and data type.

    To learn more about the synchronization settings for shared Zendesk tickets, please refer to the Zendesk help.

  6. When done, click the Send invite button.

To continue with the second step of the integration, log in to your YouTrack server.

To accept the sharing invite from Zendesk and configure the integration:

  1. In YouTrack, open the Administration > Zendesk Integration page. If the invite parameters were correct, you see the pending sharing invite that you sent from Zendesk.

  2. Click the name of the sharing agreement.

    • The integration settings dialog opens in the sidebar.

  3. In the integration settings dialog, enter values for the following settings:



    YouTrack Project

    Select the project in which issues are created from shared tickets in Zendesk.

    Status Field

    Select the custom field that stores the status of the ticket in Zendesk.

    Visible to Group

    If needed, select the group that has permission to view issues that are created from shared tickets.


    Enter an optional command that is applied to issues that are created from shared tickets.


    Displays the synchronization settings that are set in the Zendesk instance for the agreement. If the agreement is accepted, the displayed parameters (comments, tags, and custom fields) are synchronized between YouTrack issues and corresponding Zendesk tickets.


    Defines which user is set as the reporter for each issue that is created from a Zendesk ticket. Select one of the following options:

    • Set Zendesk user as reporter: YouTrack tries to find a user account with an email address that matches the Zendesk user. If an existing account is not found, a new YouTrack user account is created.

    • Set predefined user as reporter: YouTrack sets the selected user as the reporter for all issues created by the integration. The user who submitted the Zendesk ticket is not added to YouTrack. Select an existing user account from the drop-down list.

  4. When done, click the Accept agreement button.

    Zendesk integration settings
    • The sharing agreement is accepted.

    • The Zendesk integration is enabled and ready for use.

Use the Zendesk Integration

To share a ticket with YouTrack, select the name of the sharing agreement in the Sharing field when you create or edit a ticket in Zendesk.

Zendesk ticket

As soon as you submit or update the ticket, an issue is created in YouTrack.

YouTrack issue

New tickets are processed in YouTrack as follows:

  • The current status of the Zendesk ticket is entered in the custom field that you set in the integration settings.

  • The reporter for the issue is set based on the Reporter option in the integration settings.

A link to the corresponding ticket in Zendesk is visible in single issue view.

link to Zendesk ticket in issue
Last modified: 21 April 2023