YouTrack Standalone 7.0 Help

Create New Issue

PUT /issue

Report a new issue to YouTrack.

PUT /rest/issue?{project}&{summary}&{description}&{attachments}&{permittedGroup}


Name Type Description
project string ID of a project to add new issue to.
summary string Short summary for the new issue.
description string Description for the new issue.
attachments file in the "multipart/form-data" format One or several files in the "multipart/form-data" format that should be attached to the new issue.
permittedGroup string Set visibility for the new issue, that is: Specify a user group to which the issue will be visible.



PUT http://localhost:8081/rest/issue?project=TST&summary=new+issue&description=description+of+new+issue Cookie: $Version=0; JSESSIONID=j9wmm40hwk3t1lp8e11l9p0d4; $Path=/;; $Path=/


HTTP/1.1 201 Created Content-Type: application/xml;charset=UTF-8 Location: Content-Length: 0 Server: Jetty(7.2.0.v20101020)
Last modified: 2 February 2017