YouTrack Standalone 7.0 Help

Upgrade YouTrack

YouTrack lets you upgrade from whichever installation type you previously installed to any type of distribution you now wish to use. The upgrade installation is available in three distributions:

DistributionOperating SystemDescription
ZIPLinux, OS X, WindowsCross-platform distribution. The ZIP archive contains both .bat and .sh scripts that you can use to install YouTrack Standalone in any operating system.
MSIWindowsWindows installer Package. Includes a Setup Wizard that guides you through the installation process.
JARLinux, OS X, WindowsCross-platform distribution. This distribution lets you run YouTrack as a standalone Java process.

The following table shows which distributions are supported by each operating system version:

DistributionWindows XPWindows 7Windows 8Windows 10*nix/LinuxOS X

You can download the appropriate installation package for your operating system from the JetBrains website.

General Prerequisites

Before you upgrade your YouTrack installation, check the following prerequisites.

  • Check your license before the upgrade. Upgrade to YouTrack 7.0 is possible only if your license allows the upgrade. If your free update period has expired, you need to extend your subscription before you can upgrade.
  • YouTrack 7.0 does not support direct upgrade from YouTrack version 5.x or earlier. For example, if you are running YouTrack 5.x, you must first upgrade to YouTrack 6.x and then upgrade to YouTrack 7.0.
  • Before you proceed, read the instructions that are specific to your installation.
Last modified: 2 February 2017