YouTrack Server 2024.1 Help

Browser Extensions and App Integrations

Several software companies and members of the user community have developed browser extensions that enhance your experience with YouTrack. Some extensions add functionality that is not available in the core product, while others facilitate integrations with third-party applications.

The following browser extensions support features that aren't otherwise available in YouTrack. Follow the links to learn more.



YouTrack Issue Cards Printer

This extension for Chrome lets you print a list of issues that are formatted as cards. You can then arrange these issues on a physical scrum board or use them for other offline activities.

YouTrack Time Tracker

YouTrack Time Tracker is a Chrome extension that provides a convenient and efficient way to track time in YouTrack.

YouTrack Brilliant

Enhanced functionality to supercharge task management.

YouTime - A YouTrack Timer

A simple start/stop timer that adds the recorded time to YouTrack issues as work items.

YouTrack Timer

A simple time tracking experience for YouTrack.

YouTrack RTL

Toggle to "Right to Left" language direction.

YouTrack Copycode

Copy only the code fragments from YouTrack issues.

Tickets Copier for YouTrack

Copy issues from YouTrack as a table.

Other third-party applications are able to connect with YouTrack to import or sync data. Check this list to see if any of the applications you use support integrations with YouTrack. Follow the links to learn more.




Integrating BugSnag with your issue tracker allows you to efficiently manage how your team fixes errors using your team’s existing tools and workflow.


YouTrack integration with BugSplat crash reports allows your team to create defects with a single-button click. Hyperlinks allow quick navigation from defects to crash reports and back. Defects created from BugSplat automatically include symbolic call stack information as well as other crash-specific data.


By integrating BuildMaster with YouTrack, you can help developers, testers, and business analysts work closely together by providing shared insight into the changes they're working on and using automation to enable instant feedback.


Clip tasks from other apps and create a "composite" to-do list or a release plan. Create action items from YouTrack.


CodeStream supercharges development workflows by putting collaboration tools in your IDE. It supports pull requests from GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab, issue management from YouTrack, observability from New Relic One and Pixie, and provides code discussion that ties it all together, integrated with Slack, MS Teams, email, and in-editor notifications.


A two-way sync between YouTrack and Ducalis. Sync Ducalis prioritization results into a YouTrack custom field — make priorities clear to anyone on the projects. Order issues by priority on your YouTrack board.

With the YouTrack integration for, we automatically create new errors stored in your logs as issues on YouTrack. Why spend time manually syncing the errors logged by your application to YouTrack, when can do the job for you?


The YouTrack support for Harvest Time Tracker supports one-way (Harvest to YouTrack) synchronization for time tracking data.


With LambdaTest and YouTrack integration, you can push bugs directly from LambdaTest to your YouTrack's project. Also, capture screenshots, annotate bugs, and share them with your teammates and colleagues.


As an Application Security Orchestration and Correlation (ASOC) tool, Maverix integrates Application Security Testing (AST) tools across a Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and performs correlation analysis of security issues found by the AST tools.

Meliora Testlab

Issues of Meliora Testlab’s projects can be integrated with JetBrains YouTrack issue tracker which allows for realtime one-way integration. In this scenario, YouTrack acts as a master repository for your project’s issues.


Create an account with Memtime that is integrated with YouTrack. You can import your projects with just a few clicks. Get your time in all programs recorded automatically and accurately. Easily create and sync your time entries and reports.


PractiTest has two types of issue integration with YouTrack:

Two-Way Integration: advanced integration that syncs and updates information between the two systems. With this integration, you can report issues from PractiTest runs directly to YouTrack, and PractiTest allows YouTrack to update PractiTest whenever the subject, status, or descriptions are modified.

One-Way Integration: standard integration where you can report issues and data from PractiTest to YouTrack. Once you click on the "Fail & Issue link" in a test run, it will open a new bug form in YouTrack, with all the data (including steps and actual results) already pre-entered.

QA Touch

QA Touch offers seamless integration with YouTrack presenting the best way to keep all the bugs posted in the YouTrack. A permanent token allows access to a service with the permissions that are granted to the user account.


With the YouTrack app, you can:

  • Link Qase test cases to YouTrack issues.

  • Link Qase test runs to YouTrack issues.

  • Create a new issue in YouTrack when you file a defect during a test run in Qase


Rambox is a workspace organizer that allows you to unify as many applications as you want, all in one place. It is perfect for those who care about productivity while working with many business and personal apps.


Raygun automatically tracks all errors your application generates, and with two clicks you can assign them to an existing issue in your YouTrack issue tracker, or create a new issue right from within Raygun.


RoundPie App is a performance and productivity tool that uses the RoundPie time management method and works as a smart task management platform. You can connect the RoundPie App to YouTrack and enrich the basic time tracker provided by the platform.

To learn more about this integration, check out this article in our knowledge base.


Slapdash brings all your apps together in one place to give you new superpowers.

  • Add the full power of the Command Bar to YouTrack - create and edit issues and search your entire workspace.

  • Experience low-latency YouTrack search alongside all the other tools you have connected. It's like Spotlight, but for YouTrack.

  • The fastest way to create a YouTrack issue.

  • Quickly launch YouTrack with just a couple of keystrokes.


Build and automate using no-code tools, integrations, stacks, and tutorials.


Connect YouTrack to your Teamplify workspace to automatically synchronize information about the changes made in your team's YouTrack issues, including issue creations, edits, status changes, and comments.


We know the right way to save the precious time you used to waste on surfing among browser tabs. Integration with YouTrack will gain your nerves and simplify the process of Test Run passing. Staying on the same page of the failed Test Case, you are welcome to report issues directly to your managing system with the help of integration.


Testiny offers a link-based integration with built-in link templates into YouTrack — you can easily create and link issues from Testiny with just simply copying the issue link.


Our YouTrack test case management integration can enhance communication and productivity. TestLodge and YouTrack together improve your testing efforts by creating and updating an issue automatically when a test fails.


Modern unified YouTrack test management with Testmo. Link your testing efforts to YouTrack issues and integrate manual test cases, exploratory testing and test automation.


Integrate TestRail with YouTrack and increase your software testing productivity.

  • Manage test cases, plans, and runs.

  • Start test runs and capture test results.

  • Push bug reports to YouTrack and link issue IDs.

  • Track test results, activity, and progress.


You can integrate Testsigma with YouTrack to push bugs directly to YouTrack's project. You can also capture screenshots, annotate bugs, and share them with your team. In this document, we will discuss how to integrate Youtrack with Testsigma and also how to create the first bug from Testsigma which can flow into Youtrack.


TMetric is a browser extension that you can use to track the time that you spend working on an issue in YouTrack. TMetric offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex web browsers.

To learn more about this extension, read this article in the YouTrack blog.

Tortoise Svn

TortoiseSVN is a really easy to use Revision control / version control / source control software for Windows. It provides an interface to enable plugins to integrate with YouTrack.


Ubertesters offers access to global, professional remote testers on demand in 120+ countries that use real devices and provide real-time feedback about your digital product. They implemented the integration between Ubertesters and bug tracking systems like YouTrack.

Unreal Engine

Submit, track, and resolve issues directly within Unreal Engine. Collaborate with your team and stay organized.


Ybug allows website users to send visual feedback with annotated screenshots, and automatically attaches contextual information about user environment. Integrate Ybug with YouTrack to get issues with feedback reports in your YouTrack project.

Last modified: 23 May 2024