YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base in YouTrack lets you build a collection of articles that cover a range of topics. Each article is associated with a specific project, so each team can accumulate and share bits of information that help them accomplish their project goals.

The knowledge base in YouTrack.

Round up and store all of your reference material in a single place where everyone can learn, discuss, and extract information. The knowledge base is centrally located, easy to share, manage, and support.

There are so many work streams and processes you can support with a knowledge base.

  • Organize your onboarding for new employees.

  • Compile style guides for writers, visual designers, and software developers.

  • Publish company policies for taking time off work.

  • Create an archive of sales material and assets from marketing campaigns.

  • Summarize key points and record decisions from your meetings and discussions.

  • Report development roadmaps and product requirements.

For an overview of this feature, watch this short video.

Follow the instructions in this section of the documentation to learn how to author, update, and publish content using the Knowledge Base in YouTrack.

Last modified: 12 July 2024