YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Manage Your Database Size

Estimating Your Storage Needs

On average, YouTrack requires 1 GB of disk space to store approximately 5,000 issues. However, this is only a rough estimation. The exact amount of required space depends on the actual number and size of the files that are attached to issues in your installation. If, for example, you frequently attach large media files to each of your issues, your database will take up much more space per issue.

Exceeding the Storage Limit

If your instance reaches the limit of your database storage capacity, no additional data can be saved before Reducing Your Storage Size.

Database Size and Performance

It is recommended to not maintain a large database with unnecessary data. As the size of your database grows, the time it takes to execute queries can increase. Complex queries may take longer to process, affecting the overall system responsiveness.

Reducing Your Storage Size

Large attachments are usually the reason for your storage to approach or exceed your database limits. Deleting attachments to issues, tickets, and articles should be your first attempt at reducing your storage size.

Use the search term sort by: {attachment size} desc to display items in your projects or knowledge base that contain large attachments. Decide what attachments are unnecessary and remove them.

  • Attachments that are deleted directly are permanently removed immediately with no additional actions required.

  • Issues containing attachments being deleted are moved to a recycle bin and still consume database space for around two weeks until permanently removed. Users with permission can permanently remove items sooner using the Permanently Delete Items feature.

The YouTrack database cleanup process and resource utilization monitor run asynchronously. This means that after an item is permanently deleted, the system may take up to several hours to sync and show freed space in the database.

Last modified: 19 July 2024