YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Global Settings

This page describes the global settings for YouTrack. These settings are available in the Server Settings section of the Administration menu.

The global settings are arranged on a series of tabs that are dedicated to different aspects of the application.



Server Configuration

Fine-tune your setup with settings that affect your corporate identity, availability, bandwidth, system status, and more.

License Details

View the current information for your YouTrack subscription. The information presented here is based on the license that has been issued for your standalone installation or hosted instance.


Set the default preferences for users based on the primary location of your team. Users can override these settings by selecting their preferred language, date format, and local time zone in their YouTrack profile.


Connect to services that deliver notifications to users over email. You can also customize the messages that are sent to each channel to match your company style for tone and voice.

Optional Features

Activate features that enhance the productivity of your teams and hide functionality that gets in your way. Enable group-specific features for early adopters and measure their impact on your business before you make these features available system wide.

Last modified: 19 July 2024