YouTrack Server 2023.2 Help

Monitor Branches

Each VCS integration lets you specify which branches in the repository are monitored for changes. You can refine the selection to include or exclude specific branches.

To specify which branches are monitored for VCS changes, select an existing integration on the VCS Integrations page and update the Monitored branches setting.

Monitored branches in VCS integration settings

The Monitored branches setting accepts a list of branch names or patterns. Use the following syntax to specify which branches are monitored for changes:

+|-:branch name
  • Use + to include a branch.

  • Use - to exclude a branch.

  • For GitHub and Git Lab integrations, use the fully qualified name of the branch as the branch name. For example, refs/heads/<branch name>.

    For Bitbucket integrations, you can use the short name instead.

  • Use * as a wildcard. This placeholder matches one or more characters in a string. For example, to include all feature branches, use:

  • To monitor all branches, leave the input field empty.

If the address that you entered as the Repository URL when you connected to the VCS points to a specific branch, this branch is automatically added to the list of monitored branches when you set up the connection.

Last modified: 28 September 2023