YouTrack Server 2023.2 Help

Start and Stop a ZIP Installation

This page describes how to stop and start your YouTrack Server server.

The following situations require that you stop YouTrack:

  • You want to change the location of the database.

  • You want to modify properties or JVM options for your YouTrack Server server.

  • You want to upgrade your YouTrack Server installation.

If you installed YouTrack with a ZIP distribution, you run YouTrack from the command line. The scripts that you use to start and stop YouTrack are located in the <youtrack_home>/bin/ directory. The <youtrack_home> directory is the location where the ZIP distribution was unpacked during installation.

To stop and start YouTrack on macOS or Linux platforms, execute the command as a non-root user.

Enter commands to stop and start the YouTrack service in a command-line interface. Use the following commands to manage the status of your YouTrack Server instance:


Description run

Starts the YouTrack service. With this command, the console is blocked until the service is stopped with the stop command. start

Starts the YouTrack service. With this command, the console is only blocked during the startup process. stop

Stops the YouTrack service. restart

Restarts the YouTrack service. help

Displays a list of all commands that can be executed in the command-line interface.

Last modified: 28 September 2023