YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Tools for Agents

Helpdesk agents have access to a range of tools that help them efficiently manage customer support inquiries and provide high-quality service. To work with these tools, agents can select the Helpdesk link in the application header.



Predefined Search Queries for Tickets

Preconfigured search queries provide quick access to new tickets, unresolved tickets, unresolved tickets for yourself as an agent, and more.

Comment Templates

Comment templates let agents compose pre-written responses that can be easily inserted into a support ticket.

Revise Public Comments

The ability to revise a public comment without generating a reply to the customer lets agents update text in hastily-posted comments or update the visibility before adding the comment.

Agent Signatures

Default signatures let agents automatically append contact info to public comments in helpdesk tickets.

Mark Tickets as Spam

This action rule helps keep your helpdesk projects free from irrelevant tickets and prevent malicious users from inundating your agents with spam.

CC Recipients

Agents can add reporters and other users to tickets as CCs to keep all concerned parties up to date on the ticket status.

Create Tickets for Other Users

Agents can create tickets on behalf of other users when they want to log feedback received in a direct email or in a conversation.

To learn more about each of these features, follow the links to the corresponding article.

Last modified: 11 June 2024