YouTrack Server 2022.3 Help

Uninstall YouTrack MSI

To uninstall YouTrack service from your system, you need to remove binaries and the application data.

To uninstall YouTrack MSI:

  1. Stop the YouTrack service.

  2. Use your operating system tools to verify that all Java processes that are launched by YouTrack are no longer running. If there are YouTrack-related Java processes that are still running, kill the outstanding process trees.

  3. Locate the application data directories on the host machine. You can find the actual location of these directories in the file:

  4. Uninstall the YouTrack application using the standard MS Windows application management tools.

  5. Delete the content of %programdata%\\JetBrains\YouTrack directory.

  6. Delete the content of data and logs folders, if these folders are located outside of the default %programdata%\\JetBrains\YouTrack directory. Also, make sure that these folders are not used by another YouTrack instance.

Last modified: 31 March 2023