YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

View Issue Updates

In single issue view, all changes that are applied to an issue are displayed in a single feed that we call the activity stream. The activity stream has filters that let you select which types of changes you want to show or hide.

Here's an example of an activity stream that shows various issue history items, spent time, VCS changes, and a comment:

Single issue activity stream

The following controls are available in the toolbar at the top of the activity stream:




Toggles the visibility of comments in the activity stream. To learn more about issue comments, see Add Comments.

Spent time

Toggles the visibility of work items. This control is only visible when the Time Tracking feature is enabled in the project. To learn more about work items, see Track Spent Time.

Work item data is presented in a series of columns that show the spent time, work date, work type, and comment. Values for custom work item attributes are shown together with the work type.

spent time in activity stream

Issue history

Toggles the visibility of the issue change history. This feed contains all the updates that are applied to the issue.

VCS changes

Toggles the visibility of VCS changes that have been linked to the issue. This control is only visible when the project is integrated with a version control system or is connected to a VCS through a build server integration.

For more information, see View and Edit VCS Changes.

The following options are available from the Activity settings menu:



Sort: oldest first

Displays changes in chronological order.

Sort: newest first

Displays changes in reverse-chronological order. In this mode, the input field for comments is displayed at the top of the activity stream.

Expand comments

When selected, all comments are shown in their entirety.

When this option is deselected, comments that occupy a significant portion of the screen are cropped. Click the Show more link do display the entire comment.

Last modified: 19 July 2024