YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Vote for Issues

Votes are one way to measure the popularity of an issue. When you add a vote to an issue, you express your personal support.

Voting in YouTrack is subject to the following limitations:

  • You can't vote for issues that you reported yourself.

  • You can only cast one vote for each issue.

To vote for an issue:

  1. Open the issue that you want to vote for in quick view or single issue view.

  2. Click the Vote for issue icon in the upper-right corner of the issue.

    Vote for issue in single issue view.

You can remove your vote at any time by clicking the Vote icon a second time or with the command unvote.

To vote for an issue:

  • From the Issues list, click the Vote for the issue icon to the right of the issue ID.

    Vote Issues list
  • In single issue view, click the Vote icon above the project fields.

    Vote issue full page view
  • Open the Apply Command dialog and enter the vote command.

    Vote issue command

You can remove your vote at any time by clicking the Vote icon a second time or with the command unvote.

Get Notifications for Issues that You Voted For

Your profile includes an option to add the Star tag to issues automatically when you vote for an issue. This lets you receive automatic updates following the same rules that apply to your subscription for the Star tag.

For more information, see Subscribe to Updates for the Issues You Watch.

View the Voters List

If you have the View Voters permission in a project, you can view the list of users who have voted for an issue. The Voters list is only visible in single issue view. Click the List of voters counter next to the Vote icon.

Voters list
Voters list

Sort Issues by Votes

If you want to gauge the relative popularity of an issue, you can sort any list of issues by votes. Just add the following sort parameter to the search query:

sort by: Votes

The search results are sorted by the number of votes in descending order.

The number of votes isn't available as an option for the columns in the list. To display the current number of votes without leaving the list, open the issue in quick view.

Sort by votes
Sort by votes

Deactivate Voting

Everything in life doesn't have to be a popularity contest. There may be situations where you think voting for issues is inappropriate for specific projects or is simply something you'd rather your team didn't pay attention to.

While there isn't an option to switch voting off system-wide, you can effectively deactivate the feature with a simple workflow.

The recommended workflow for this use case is written in JavaScript. You can learn more about this use case and copy the workflow code from our Developer Portal.

Last modified: 19 July 2024