YouTrack Server 2023.2 Help

JAR Distribution

Starting from the 2023.1 release, YouTrack is no longer distributed as a standalone Java archive package. Going forward, we plan to focus our efforts on deploying the application using Docker. If you had previously installed an earlier version of Hub using the JAR distribution, we recommend using our Docker Container distribution to upgrade the application.

Use the following procedure to update your installation:

  1. First, create a backup of your existing installation. This will be used as the data source for upgrading the application using another distribution package.

    To learn how to create a backup of your YouTrack database, see Back Up the Database.

  2. Upgrade your installation using our Docker Container distribution. When performing the upgrade, be sure to use the backup copy of your JAR installation as the upgrade source.

    For detailed instructions, see Upgrade an Existing Installation from a Database Backup using a Docker Image.

Last modified: 28 September 2023