YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

Export Issues as a CSV File

YouTrack lets you export a list of issues as a CSV file. You can use this option to upload issues to another application or use third-party software to compile reports.

This option is available from the rom the Reports drop-down list on the issue list.


When you select this option, the list of issues is filtered to match the current search query and context. The CSV file contains the following details for each issue:

Issue IDThe ID that is assigned to the issue in the project.
ProjectThe project that the issue belongs to.
TagsA list of tags that are attached to the issue.
SummaryThe issue summary.
ReporterThe full name of the user who reported the issue.
CreatedThe date and time the issue was created.
UpdatedThe date and time when the issue was last updated.
ResolvedThe date and time when the issue was resolved.
Custom FieldsThe value that is set for each custom field in the issue.
DescriptionThe issue description.
VotesThe current number of votes for the issue.
Last modified: 18 April 2017