YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

Extending YouTrack

You can extend the functionality of YouTrack by installing plugins and extensions for third-party applications. Here, we provide instructions for installing plugins that are developed and supported by JetBrains and the browser extensions that have been tested by the YouTrack development team.

You can install any of these integrations on a per-user basis. Other third-party integrations can be set up and enabled by an administrator. For more information, see External Integrations.

JetBrains IDE IntegrationsUse an issue in YouTrack as the work context and create a change list automatically. JetBrains IDEs recognize the pattern of a YouTrack issue ID and convert it into a direct link to the issue. Track time spent working on a task and post work items to issues in YouTrack.
OpenSearch SupportSearch for YouTrack issues in the address bar of your browser
TMetric IntegrationTrack the time that you spend working on an issue in YouTrack in the TMetric time management platform.
Last modified: 18 April 2017