YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

How Mailbox Integration Processes Emails

Use case:
You have a mailbox (let's call it "Mailbox") and mail rules "Rule 1" and "Rule 2", connected with the "Mailbox" and different projects. Then you get a new message in the "Mailbox".
How is the email processed?

How the Rules are Triggered

Rules are processed sequentially, one by one. If the message is acceptable by filters of the first rule (that is, the message is in the appropriate folder and has appropriate 'TO' header), then it will be processed by this first rule, and will not be processed by any other rule.
For our sample use case, if the message is processed by "Rule 1", it will not be processed by the "Rule 2".

How the Message is Processed

When a message is processed by a rule, it can become:

  • A new issue.
  • A comment to an existing issue.
  • An internal record.

A message id not transformed to either an issue or a comment (the third case), if it matches the Filter Patterns, which you can set up in a rule. Filter Patterns are applied to both message's subject and body.

A message becomes a comment, if:

  • It is a reply to a message that is an issue or comment in the same project already.
  • It is a reply to a YouTrack notification related to the same project.
  • Its subject contains an ID of issue in the same project.

In all the other cases message becomes an issue.

Last modified: 18 April 2017