YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

Import from AgileZen

This document covers importing issues from AgileZen instance to YouTrack server using the Python Client Library.

To import data from a AgileZen server to YouTrack:

  1. Download the latest version of YouTrack's Python Client Library and unzip it.
  2. Ensure that Python is installed in your system.
  3. In the file, which is located in the unzipped folder with the Python Client Library, specify the following parameters:
    Parameter Description
    source_token Your AgileZen API Key. Please refer to the AgileZen help server for details on how to enable API Key.
    target_url The URL of your YouTrack server, to which the data should be imported.
    target_login YouTrack administrator's login name for the target YouTRack server (for example, "root").
    target_password YouTrack administrator's password for the target YouTrack server.
  4. When done configuring the script, execute the following command: python

    That's it! Your data from your AgileZen instance will be imported into your YouTrack instance.

How AgileZen Stories are Imported to YouTrack

When you import your data from AgileZen to YouTrack, your AgileZen projects, stories and tasks are imported according to the following rules:

  • For each of your AgileZen project, a new project with the same name is created in YouTrack.
  • A story becomes an issue with the "Type" field set to "Feature". In YouTrack Agile mode, by default, a feature (that is, AgileZen story) forms a swimlane.
  • A task becomes an issue with the "Type" field set to "Task", which is linked to the imported story as "subtask".
  • Story comments are imported as corresponding issue's comments.

Please note that the current version does not support import of attachments from AgileZen!

For each imported project in YouTrack the following issue fields are created and attached:

AgileZen Story Field YouTrack Issue Field
Story Phase The default issue field "State". In YouTrack Agile mode, States (that is, imported Phases) are the board columns. You can later configure which states you want to see on the board, and customize their parameters in the board's Settings.
Story Color A new custom issue field "Color". When the import is finished, you can rename values in its bundle with a name that you associate with particular color). You can also use this field as the source field to colorize cards on the board. To do so, you should select this field in the board's Settings.
Story Status A new field "Status" is created. This is a field of enum[1] type, and the bundle contains values like AgileZen statuses "Blocked", "Ready to pull", etc.
Story Size Story size is imported to a new integer custom issue field Size. To use it consistently in YouTrack Agile mode, you should select it as Estimation field in the board's Settings.
Story Deadline A custom issue field "Deadline", which is a date type field.
Last modified: 18 April 2017