YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

PUT Project

PUT /admin/project/{projectId}

Create new project

PUT /rest/admin/project/{projectId}?{projectName}&{startingNumber}&{projectLeadLogin}&{description}


Name Type Description
projectId string required Unique identifier of a project to be created. This short name will be used as prefix in issue IDs for this project.
projectName string required Full name of a new project. Must be unique.
startingNumber integer required Number to assign to the next manually created issue.
projectLeadLogin string required Login name of a user to be assigned as a project leader.
description string Optional description of the new project.



HTTP PUT: /admin/project/CMN?projectName=Communism&startingNumber=1&projectLeadLogin=lenin&description=You+know


HTTP/1.1 201 Created Content-Type: application/xml;charset=UTF-8 Location: http://localhost:8080/rest/admin/project/CMN Content-Length: 0
Last modified: 18 April 2017