YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

PUT System-wide Time Tracking Settings

PUT /rest/admin/timetracking

Set system-wide time tracking settings: a list of working days in a week, and a number of hours in a working day.

PUT /rest/admin/timetracking

Request Parameters

hoursADayIntegerNumber of hours in a working day.
daysAWeekIntegerNumber of working days in a week. Since YouTrack 5.1 this setting is calculated automatically from the list set by the workWeek parameters. Per se, this parameter is actually ignored and kept only for compatibility reasons.
workWeeklistLogical construction that designates a list of work days (list of workDay parameters).
workDayIntegerInteger sequential number for a day of week to be considered a working day: 0 - Sunday, 1 - Monday, 2 - Tuesday, 3 - Wednesday, 4 - Thursday, 5 - Friday, 6 - Saturday.



PUT http://localhost:8081/rest/admin/timetracking Connection: keep-alive Cookie: $Version=0; JSESSIONID=axezv08lvrvrzpvvih22ricx; $Path=/ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?> <timesettings> <hoursADay>8</hoursADay> <workWeek> <workDay>1</workDay> <workDay>2</workDay> <workDay>3</workDay> <workDay>4</workDay> <workDay>5</workDay> </workWeek> </timesettings>


Response Code: 200 Response Status: OK

Last modified: 18 April 2017