YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

Use an Agile Board for an Existing Project

When you start working with Agile Board in YouTrack with existing project, the recommended workflow differs from the recommended workflow for the brand new, empty projects.

If you have an existing project, YouTrack will adapt your project for the Agile Board. The trick is that with existing project, you already have particular settings.

What Happens During Automatic Configuration

When you open Agile Board for your existing project for the first time, YouTrack performs automatic configuration to adapt your project to the Board. The following changes are made during this auto-configuration:

  1. A sprint is associated with the field of the version type. By default, YouTrack looks for the 'Fix version' field. As long as in an existing project you might change the default field's name or even do not use a version field in your project. In the case when the 'Fix version' field is not found, YouTrack processes the project configuration according to the following algorithm:
    • YouTrack tries to use the first field of the version type attached to your project.
    • If no field of the version type is attached to the project, then YouTrack scans through existing issue fields in the system and tries to attach to the project the first found field of the version type.
    • Finally, if there is no field of the version type in the system, then YouTrack will create a field "Version" of the version type, and will attach it to the project.
      Depending on the version field that is auto-associated with the sprint for your project, the displayed name for the first unscheduled sprint will differ. The name of the unscheduled issues pull is the empty field value of the associated version field. For example, for the "Fix version" the default empty value is "No Fix Version".
  2. A default saved search for the project's Backlog is created. Default Backlog saved search name is "<project name> Backlog" and it contains all unresolved issues with empty version field. If the default "Fix version" field is found, then the Backlog saved search will look this:
    project: <project> Fix versions: {No Fix versions} #Unresolved
  3. YouTrack scans the States value bundle that is used in your project. If the default Open, In Progress, Fixed, and Verified states are not found in the bundle, then YouTrack will automatically add these values to the bundle. Please note, that if you use the same States bundle in all projects, these states will be added for all projects.

When the automatic configuration is finished, you will be navigated directly to Agile Board settings where you configure the board parameters.

Last modified: 18 April 2017