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Forgotten Attachment

This workflow reminds users to add an attachment to an issue if an attachment is mentioned in a description or comment.

File Namejetbrains-youtrack-forgottenAttachment
RulesAttachment reminder (stateless)

Use Case

This workflow helps to make sure that users remember to attach a file to an issue when they reference an attachment in a description or comment.


This rule scans the description and comment for references to an attachment. If a reference is found, the user is reminded to attach a file to the issue.

Attachment reminder

rule Attachment reminder when description.changed || comments.added.isNotEmpty { var text = " "; if (description.changed) { text = description; } else if (comments.added.isNotEmpty) { text = comments.added.first.text; } var attachString = l10n ( attachments, attachment, attached, attaches, attach, attaching ); for each attachWord in attachString.split(", ", opts){ if (text.contains(attachWord, ignoreCase)){ message(l10n ( You have mentioned the ' {attachWord}' word, don't forget to attach it (them). )); break; } } }
Last modified: 18 April 2017