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Issue Properties Combinations

This workflow blocks users from setting specific combinations of values for fields in an issue. You can customize this workflow to prevent any combination of values you want to avoid.

File Namejetbrains-youtrack-issuePropertiesCombinations
RulesdeniedCombinations (stateless)

Use Case

This workflow helps to make sure that users do not create combinations of priorities and states that you want to avoid in your project.


This rule checks the combination of Priority and State when an issue is created or updated. The following combinations are blocked:

  • Submitted and Show-stopper
  • Open and Unassigned


rule deniedCombinations when <issue created or updated> { assert !(Priority == {Show-stopper} && State == {Submitted}): l10n ( Denied fields combination detected (Submitted Show-stopper) ); assert !(State == {Open} && Assignee == null): l10n ( Denied fields combination detected (Open Unassigned) ); }
Last modified: 18 April 2017