YouTrack Standalone 2017.1 Help

What's New

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What's New in Version 2017.1.31650

New Features

  • New Apply Command Dialog

    We released a new version of the Apply Command dialog for the agile board. In this version, the Silent Apply button is replaced with the option to Notify subscribers. To apply a command silently in the new dialog, deselect this option, then apply the command. When you start to apply a command to a batch of issues, we display a gentle reminder to keep the noise down.

  • Current Sprints

    YouTrack automatically detects the current sprint for each agile board. You can reference the current sprint in search queries and commands. This feature is especially useful in reports. When you reference the current sprint in the search query, you can create reports that track your current efforts automatically.

What's New in Version 2017.1.30791

New Features

  • Credentials management

    You can use any set of credentials as a YouTrack login. If you prefer to use a username and password that is not already saved as your primary login for YouTrack, you can add them as a new set of credentials.

    This feature also lets you add existing credentials to your Hub profile. When you add credentials to your profile, YouTrack checks these credentials against the list of existing Hub logins and the credentials that are stored in connected authentication modules.

  • Search by Time Tracking

    We extended search functionality to find issues based on values that are stored as work items with the Time Tracking feature. You can filter issues based on the work item type, author and date. For example, if you want find all the issues that you have added work items to, use a query: work author: me

  • Attachments on an agile board

    Add and edit attachments directly on the agile board. Simply drag one or more files to any card on the board. This option also works when you open a card in view mode. In view mode, you can download all of the attachments as a .zip file, edit the visibility, and attach files privately.

  • LDAP bind to a fixed account

    YouTrack 2017.1 lets you send LDAP bind requests to a fixed user account. In this case, the module uses a fixed account to bind to the LDAP service and searches for the user you want to authenticate on behalf of the bind user. With this option, you can set up an LDAP authentication module and still use logins that are not part of the Distinguished Name (DN), like an email address or token. This method is also commonly called search + bind or two-step authentication.

  • Permanent Tokens

    Now you can use permanent tokens to strengthen security for YouTrack integrations with external services. Simply create a new token with a specific access scope, and use it for authentication from wherever you want.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Descriptions for banned users

    When you ban a user, you can enter a reason for the action. The description is added next to the user name and is visible to other users who have required access permissions.

  • Revised Access tab

    YouTrack 2017.1 comes with a fully redesigned access tab that gives you full control over access management. Grant or revoke roles, see the permissions set, and filter roles per users, projects or groups.


  • Enhanced authentication modules

    This release brings a custom OAuth 2.0 module, an improved interface for new modules, and a number of pre-sets for various services to simplify configuration.

Last modified: 18 April 2017