YouTrack Standalone 2017.2 Help

Import from Bugzilla

General Procedure

To import issues from Bugzilla:

  1. Download the latest version of YouTrack's Python Client Library and unzip it.

  2. Install Python.

  3. Install mySQLdb Python Library.

  4. If needed, create a new mapping file to set the correspondence between source fields in Bugzilla and YouTrack issue's attributes. This mapping file should be created in the <library install directory>\python\bugzilla directory. By default, the file is used. For more details about structure of the library, please refer to the Python Client Library page.

  5. Import issues from a file to YouTrack running the following command:
    python target_url target_login target_pass bz_db bz_host bz_port bz_login bz_pass [bz_product]
    Enter values for the following command-line parameters:




    URL of the YouTrack server to which data should be imported.


    User name to log in to the target YouTrack server. Note that the user should have administrator permissions.


    Password to log in to the target YouTrack server.


    Name of the source Bugzilla database. By default, in Bugzilla if no specific changes were made, the name of database is bugs.


    URL of the source Bugzilla database.


    Port to access the source Bugzilla database. If not configured otherwise specifically, the port number for Bugzilla database is 3306, by default.


    Username to log in to the source Bugzilla database.


    Password to log in to the source Bugzilla database.


    Name(s) of the source product to be imported from Bugzilla.

User accounts are imported from Bugzilla by user's email addresses. In YouTrack, an e-mail address a user provided in Bugzilla will be used as a login name for a user account. Passwords for newly imported (created) user accounts in YouTrack are randomly generated, that is: for the first login to YouTrack, a user should provide his e-mail address and then click the link Restore password to create a new password for his account.

By default, all data in Bugzilla is stored in cp866 encoding. If you have configured another encoding, then to import data to YouTrack correctly you will need to change the encoding parameter in your mapping file.

Map Bugzilla Statuses and Resolutions

Bugzilla Statuses and Resolutions are imported in YouTrack as respective custom fields of the state[1] type:

Bugzilla Status

YouTrack Issue State









Bugzilla Resolution

YouTrack Issue State




"Can't Reproduce"


"Won't fix"




"Can't Reproduce"


"Won't fix",


"Won't fix"

Map Custom Field Types in Bugzilla to YouTrack

Bugzilla CF_TYPE (numeric)

Bugzilla CF_TYPE

YouTrack CF Type



















Bugzilla's FIELD_TYPE_BUGID (numeric id "6") will be imported to YouTrack as an issue link. If you prefer a different mapping, please define it manually in your configuration mapping file.

Last modified: 7 March 2019