YouTrack Standalone 2017.2 Help

Install the Workflow Editor

You can download the YouTrack Workflow Editor from the Workflow Editor tab on the Get YouTrack page.

The workflow editor is available in the following installation packages:




Zip archive

Cross-platform distribution. This ZIP archive contains both .bat and .sh scripts that you can use to run the workflow editor in any operating system.



Windows installer. To install the editor, open the file and follow instructions in the installation wizard.



Linux distribution. No installation needed: Just unzip the archive and run the file.

Mac OS X

OS X distribution. Unzip the archive and either copy the YouTrack Workflow application to your Applications folder or just run it in the location where you unzipped the archive.

Open Virtualization Format


Open Virtualization Format distribution package. Unzip the archive and copy the YouTrack Workflow virtual appliance to your virtual machine.

Configure the YouTrack Workflow Editor

Before you can use the workflow editor, you need to configure the connection to your YouTrack server.

To configure the connection to your YouTrack server:

  1. Open the YouTrack Workflow Editor.

  2. From the Workflow menu, select Connection Settings.

  3. Enter the base URL of your YouTrack server, and the credentials of the account to use to access the server.

  4. Click the Test button to check the connection, and then click OK to save the configuration. When you test the connection, the access permissions of the user account used for the login are also checked.
    editorConnectionSettingsTested thumbnail

    All of the workflows that are available in the connected instance are downloaded to the editor. You are now ready to create and edit workflows.

Last modified: 7 March 2019