YouTrack Standalone 2017.2 Help

Set up a Personal Board

Sometimes you want to track your own tasks, or see a specific set of tasks on a board. With the new sprints concept, you can create a custom board that contains only those tasks that you are interested in. Also, you can restrict the visibility of the board so only you can view it. Another important feature of the personal board is that as only you have the access to the board, other users do not receive notifications if you put an issue to your board, or move a card between sprints.

However, if you make your personal board visible to other users, users with the Low-level Administration permission in this group can access and edit the settings for this board as well.

To create a personal board:

  1. Select Agile Boards > Create > Board.

  2. Select a board template that you wish to use.

  3. Set up the basic settings for the board: its name, a list of projects that you wish to associate your board with.

  4. Make sure that both the Can view and use the board and Can change board settings options are set to Me.

  5. Set the default Backlog for your board.

  6. When done, click the Create board button.
    • A new board is created and opened. General board settings are displayed.

  7. Configure the board settings to match your requirements. Thing to keep in mind here:
    • Do not link your personal sprints to a custom field unless you wish other users to see your changes and get notified about them.

    • If you have enough permissions to edit settings of the projects that are used in your personal board, please do not edit custom fields that are used in the board settings. By editing here we mean creating new fields or adding new values to the set values, removing existing ones, and so on.

Basically, that's it. Your personal board is created and ready for you to plan and monitor your work as you please.

Last modified: 7 March 2019