YouTrack Standalone 2017.2 Help

Troubleshooting for Hub Integration

How do I understand what's wrong?

Check out the login form

Check out the login form to find out if the connection with the Hub instance can be established.

Hub login form, Hub connection is OK

Native login form, no connection to Hub

hub login form

youtrack login form

When facing connectivity issues one should check Hub URL on Hub Integration management page and make sure it's reachable from YouTrack machine.

The other probable cause is Hub being down or not responding. Check out Hub log files to see if this is the case.

Check the health indicators

Navigate to the Administration menu > Hub Integration page and check health indicators.

Integration status:

Hub integration works without issues

Integration is not functional

all exported

status red

Current Hub Export status:

All data is successfully exported

No data is exported into Hub

status green

nothing exported

Found a problem here? Fix connectivity/service authentication issues, if any and restart YouTrack to get everything initialized from scratch.

Search for broken data mappings

Run the Diagnostics routine to reveal broken data mappings.

"Data mapping" is virtual connection established between YouTrack and Hub. For instance, each user has two user profiles and these profiles should be linked for all the application features to work properly. Diagnostic routine checks all the mappings for consistency and offers quick fixes for problems it recognizes.

How to get help with it?

If unsure what to do don't hesitate to file a support request. Our engineers are ready to help.

Don't forget to attach ring.log and youtrack.log log files to get the problem processed faster.

Last modified: 7 March 2019