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Default Description

This workflow inserts default text into the description field of a new issue.

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Description template for external users (stateless)

Use Case

This workflow provides users with a default description template for reporting issues.


When a user starts to report an issue, this rule checks the description field. If the description is empty, default text is inserted. The default text is inserted as soon as the user starts writing the summary or sets the value of an issue field. If the user immediately enters text in the Description field, the default text is not inserted.

Description template for external users

rule Description template for external users when !isReported() && description == null { description= l10n ( What steps will reproduce the problem? ) + "\n1.\n2.\n3.\n\n" + l10n ( What is the expected result? ) + "\n\n" + l10n ( What happens instead? ) + "\n\n" + l10n ( Please provide any additional information below. ) + "\n" + l10n ( Attach a screenshot if possible ) + "\n"; }
Last modified: 7 March 2019