YouTrack Standalone 2017.3 Help

GET Project Custom Field

GET /admin/project/{projectId}/customfield/{customFieldName}

Get a project's custom field by its name.

GET /rest/admin/project/{projectId}/customfield/{customFieldName}

Request parameters:

projectIdprojectByIdNotStrictID of a project.
customFieldNamestringName of a custom field to get.

Response parameters:

nameName of project custom field.
typeType of this custom field.
canBeEmptyMandatory binary parameter defining if the field can have empty value or not.
emptyTextText that is shown when the custom field has no value.
paramAdditional parameter of custom field. For example, a bundle that is attached with custom field.



GET /rest/admin/project/{projID}/customfield/State


<projectCustomField name="State" type="state[1]" emptyText="No State" canBeEmpty="false"> <defaultValue>Submitted</defaultValue> </projectCustomField>

Please note, that in some cases issue fields might have several default values:

<projectCustomField name="FixVersions" type="version[*]" emptyText="Unscheduled" canBeEmpty="true"> <defaultValue>22</defaultValue> <defaultValue>34</defaultValue> <defaultValue>ww</defaultValue> </projectCustomField>
Last modified: 17 November 2017