YouTrack Standalone 2017.3 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of changes that are available in YouTrack 2017.3.

New Features




Workflows in JavaScript

The Workflows in JavaScript feature has been upgraded from experimental to public. This means that the feature is available for general use and does not need to be enabled separately.

You can write workflows in JavaScript instead of the domain-specific language that is used in the previous versions. Write a workflow in any IDE that supports JavaScript, pack it into a ZIP file and upload it to YouTrack.

In addition, we've built a web-based workflow editor inside YouTrack. Here, you can write a workflow from scratch without leaving YouTrack.

We’ve added support for action rules. This type of script lets you extend YouTrack with actions that can be applied as commands or accessed directly from the issue toolbar. The new workflows also support custom scripts, which let you better organize and structure your code. Define your own functions and objects and use them in other rules and workflows.

We still support workflows that were written in the external workflow editor. However, if you want to apply changes to old workflows, we recommend that you rewrite them in JavaScript.


Improved Kanban Support

We have added an option on agile boards to disable sprints completely. This means that teams who follow a Kanban methodology and other users who just don't want sprints no longer have to adapt their processes to work with a sprint-based configuration.

When enabled, this option removes the sprint controls from the board. You can then use an optional query to filter the cards on the board.


Personal Board Template

We have added a template for an agile board that is preconfigured to be used as a personal board.

The template recognizes all of the projects where you are a team member for quick and easy configuration. The template also uses a query to filter cards on the board and show only issues that are assigned to you.


Project-based Swimlanes

You can now use projects to identify the swimlanes on an agile board.

To configure your board, enable the option to identify swimlanes by values from the project field. All of the projects that are managed on your board are added as swimlanes.


Authentication Throttling

The Hub authentication module now has the capability to apply rate limits to login requests, also known as throttling. Throttling helps protect the application from brute-force attacks.

When you enable this feature, the Hub authentication module applies rate limits to logins and requests to verify credentials.


Updates and Enhancements




Redefined Project Teams

In preparation for an upcoming change to project teams, the project team is simply defined as the list of users and groups who are assigned to the project. Users and members of these groups inherit the Developer role in a project. The option to designate specific roles as team roles has been removed.

This change affects which users are presented as members of the project team on the project profile page. For a list of changes that are associated with this update, see Redefined Project Teams.


Advanced Visibility Options

The visibility settings for issues, comments, and attachments are no longer limited to a single group. This means that you can restrict the visibility to one or more groups and single users.

This update also enables support for private issues. If there is an issue in your project that you wish to keep to yourself, set the visibility to Me only. You can track your progress on these issues privately without adding unnecessary distractions for other members of your project team.

We've also added a special permission that lets privileged users view issues, comments, and attachments with visibility restrictions. The Override Visibility Restrictions permission has been granted automatically to users who already have either the Low-level Read Administration or the Low-level Administration permission.


Time Report ImprovementsWe've made significant changes to the settings for the Time Report. Many of the limitations that diminished the usability of this report have been eradicated.
  • New filters let you generate reports that show only work items for one or more work authors and one or more work types.

  • Pre-defined date ranges let you show work items that were reported today or yesterday.

  • Estimations are now shown for every issue on reports that are grouped to show one issue per line.

We also added the option to group work items by project. Instead of creating separate reports for each project, you can generate a single report and track the efforts of your team on a per-project basis.


General Report Improvements

We've improved the usability of the controls that you use to configure reports. Settings that store multiple values are much easier to work with. Many major problems with the Advanced Issues per Project report have been resolved.


OAuth 2.0 Presets for GitLab and Bitbucket Cloud

Two new pre-configured authentication modules let your users sign in to YouTrack with their accounts in GitLab or Bitbucket Cloud.

All of the endpoints and mappings that are required for setup have been configured for you. All you have to do is register YouTrack in the connected authorization service and enable the authentication module.


Zendesk Integration ImprovementsTwo major changes have been applied to the Zendesk Integration that elevate the usability of this feature:
  • You can now create YouTrack issues from Zendesk tickets with a fixed user account for the reporter. With this option enabled, YouTrack no longer creates new user accounts for each user who submits a support request.

  • YouTrack now adds links to Zendesk tickets to each issue that is created by the integration. These links let you open the original Zendesk ticket or jump directly to the conversations and events in the linked ticket.


Experimental Features




Custom Widgets

You can now upload custom widgets and add them to your dashboards. Extend the functionality of your dashboards to grab content from external sources or present data from YouTrack in a unique format.

Manage the status of each widget in a central location on the Custom Widgets page. We've even built a playground where you can preview and test your widgets.


Last modified: 7 March 2019