YouTrack Standalone 2017.4 Help

Dashboard Keyboard Shortcuts

YouTrack provides a set of keyboard shortcuts that let you interact with dashboards without touching your mouse or trackpad.

These shortcuts are mapped to keys on a keyboard with a functional layout for the English language. Keys that differ between US and UK variants are not mapped to any shortcuts. If your keyboard has a visual layout for a different language, you can switch the language preference for your operating system to English and use these shortcuts with the default mapping. Alternatively, an administrator can customize the keyboard shortcuts for your YouTrack server. For more information, see Customize Keyboard Shortcuts.

This page lists the keyboard shortcuts that you can use while working with dashboards. For the complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard Shortcuts. You can also download the shortcuts list in PDF format from the YouTrack web site.




Ctrl + Enter

+ Return or Enter

Save widget.

Alt + Shift + Insert or
Ctrl + Alt + N

Control + Option + N

Open the Add widget menu.

Alt + Shift + N

Alt + Shift + N

Create new dashboard.

Shift + Left Arrow

Shift + Left Arrow

View previous dashboard.

Shift + Right Arrow

Shift + Right Arrow

View next dashboard.

Shift + Down Arrow

Shift + Down Arrow

Open dashboards list.

Left ArrowLeft Arrow

Select the widget to the left of the current widget.

Right ArrowRight Arrow

Select the widget to the right of the current widget.

Up ArrowUp Arrow

Select the widget above the current widget.

Down ArrowDown Arrow

Select the widget below the current widget.


Open the widget menu.


Deselect widget.

Alt + Shift + R

Option + Shift + R

Refresh all widgets.

Alt + Tab or
Ctrl + Alt + T

Option + T or
Control + Option + T

Toggle preview in Quick Notes widget.

Shift + F1 or
Ctrl + Slash

Shift + F1 or
+ Slash

View keyboard shortcuts.

Last modified: 7 March 2019