YouTrack Standalone 2018.1 Help


This section of the documentation provides instructions for the setup and configuration of various features that you can enable in YouTrack. In general, these procedures require that your user account is assigned Low-level Administration permissions.

The following sections provide instructions for system settings at the global level. These sections correspond with the groups of pages that are accessible from the Administration menu.



Project-related Settings

Manage settings that affect all projects at the global level.

Project administrators can configure many of these features in their own projects. Separate instructions for project admins are described in the Projects section of the documentation.

Access Management

Manage access to projects in YouTrack and enable authentication modules for third-party services.


Configure standard integrations with external applications.

Server Settings

Manage settings for your YouTrack installation.

Additional topics in this section of the documentation provide instructions for other operations that can only be performed by an administrator.



External Integrations

Connect YouTrack with other applications that are not supported with standard integrations.

Language Support

Use a custom localization to present the YouTrack user interface in a language that is not supported as a default system language.

Use YouTrack as a Help Desk

Configure projects to process incoming email messages as issues in YouTrack.

Add a System-wide Banner to YouTrack

Add an informational banner to notify users about scheduled downtime, upgrades, or other updates that affect all users.

Change or Restore Password and Permissions for Root

Manage access for the default administrator account in YouTrack.

Last modified: 7 March 2019