YouTrack Standalone 2018.1 Help

Custom Workflow Repository

JetBrains has created a dedicated repository for custom workflows. This repository contains ready-to-use workflows that support a range of use cases. You can access the repository in GitHub. The repository contains two subdirectories:




Contains workflows that are written in JavaScript. These workflow are compatible with the current version of YouTrack and can be edited directly in the built-in workflow editor.


Contains workflows that were written in the MPS-based workflow programming language. These workflows are not compatible with the new web-based workflow editor.

If you want to customize these workflows to fit your business logic or use case, you need to use the external YouTrack Workflow Editor.

While you can still use legacy workflows in the current version of YouTrack, the editor itself has been deprecated. The reference for the language that is supported in this editor has been removed from the documentation. For instructions that are relevant to the deprecated editor, refer to the documentation for YouTrack 2017.2.

Using a Workflow from the Repository

The YouTrack workflow repository contains a number of custom workflows that have been written by JetBrains developers and YouTrack users. While you're always welcome to write your own workflows, you might find exactly what you're looking for in the repository.

If you find a workflow that you want to use as-is, you can download the file from the repository and import it into YouTrack.

To use a workflow from the repository:

  1. Download the workflow ZIP archive from the repository. For workflows in JavaScript, the ZIP archives are located in the youtrack-workflows/js/zips directory.

  2. Import the workflow to your YouTrack server and attach it to a project. For instructions, see Import and Export Workflows.

For workflows in JavaScript, you can also import these files into your development environment and modify the custom workflow to fit your business logic. To learn more about managing workflows in an IDE, see Using an External Code Editor.

Testing Custom Workflows

Several custom workflows have already been imported into our YouTrack InCloud test instance. Anyone can register to access this instance and use it as a sandbox. When you register your account, you are given the Global Project Admin role and can test custom workflows in any project. You can either test the workflows that have already been imported into the instance, or import your own custom workflows.

Last modified: 7 March 2019